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Freight railroads plan to invest $24.5 billion in private dollars in 2013 on American's rail network, so taxpayers don't have to. According to the Association of American Railroads' (AAR) recent announcement, with hundreds of transportation infrastructure projects underway nationwide, railroads are investing in projects such as intermodal terminals that facilitate truck to train freight transport; new track, bridges and tunnels; modernized safety equipment; new locomotives and rail cars, and other components that ensure the U.S. freight rail network remains the most reliable and efficient in the world.

Why not check out - Westmoreland County's rail opportunities! With six railroads traversing its borders, including two major railroads, a short-line freight hauler and a world-class rail freight intermodal terminal, Westmoreland County offers more ways to connect your business to the global marketplace. Give us a call to find out how some companies have cut their transportation costs by up to 50% utilizing the services of Savage Safe Handling at the Westmoreland Rail Freight Terminal or if you are in need of direct rail access, consider locating your company at the Derry Business Park, Westmoreland's new rail-served industrial park. Call us for details - (724) 830-3061.